I live in Mountain View, California with my husband John and our 5 year old son Kyle. We live in a circa 1907 house called Ozone.


Writing software is my passion. I do it for money and I do it for free. I've worked on a great variety of things, from Smalltalk, to the Macintosh Sound Manager, to cell phone browsers, and virtual worlds. I'm currently working at Google.


I have become a strong proponent of functional programming in general, and Haskell in particular. It is elegant and powerful, and a significant improvement to software productivity. Over the last few years I have been deeply involved with the Haskell community both organizing events, and as the release manager for Haskell Platform.


I'm an avid Go player, though I'm not that good (ranked AGA 10kyu). When I can, I like to play at the Sunnyvale Go Club.


In the past, I: Studied electronic music and computer science in college; Worked at Apple for many years (first on Smalltalk, then Sound research); Ran a software consulting business for even longer; Did a lot of rock climbing; And was a stay-at-home-dad for three years.

For everything else there's Google.

e-mail: mark (at) glyphic (dot) com

Updated November 2013