Spirex Screen Saver

Download & Install


Spirex v2.25 (706kB) for Windows 2000 and later.
ReadMe for Spirex/Windows.

The download file is an executable installer, just run it.

Macintosh OS X

Spirex v2.26 Universal binary (i386/x86_64) (839kB) runs on Mac OS X 10.6 and later.
ReadMe for Spirex/Mac.

Drag the Spirex.saver bundle into the folder /System/Library/Screen Savers or the folder Library/Screen Savers inside your home folder.

Source Code

The source for Spirex is available under the Gnu Public License:
Spirex v2.26 source (1.3Mb) - Common source tree for Windows and Macintosh OS X


Spirex is free. Although, if you really like it, we'd like you to donate US$20 to the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Change Log

2.26 - November 2014 (Mac-only release)

2.25 - December 2009 (Windows-only release)

2.24 - September 2009

2.22 - March 2006

2.21 - March 2006

2.20 - November 2004 (Windows-only release)

2.19 - September 2004

2.18 - February 2004

3D Cones